Tuesday, 10 April 2012

hottest girls of 2011

Melanie Iglesias

The winner of Maxim’s 2010 Hometown Hotties contest still makes the office swoon every time she walks in. Oh, God, here we go again!

Candace Bailey
The Attack of the Show! cohost pushes all the right buttons for the gamer-and-geek crowd.
Heat factor: Her sultry voice has given life to the likes of Barbie and a Jenna Jameson doll on Robot Chicken.

Camilla Belle
Teen girls may envy her for once dating a Jo-Bro, but we’ve had our eye on this half-Brazilian beauty since 10,000 B.C.
Heat factor: She played the young girl in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Feel creepy yet?

Hope Dworaczyk
The onetime Playmate of the Year wowed Trump’s wig on this year’s Celeb­rity Apprentice.
Heat factor: She told Maxim her last name rhymes with “Jurassic.” Got it? Good!

Sophie Monk
The Maxim-approved sexpot made Date Movie and Click way more erotically charged. And here you were thinking it was Fred Willard and Adam Sandler.
Heat factor: She was born in England but raised in Australia. Nice set of citizenships!

Serinda Swan
Currently starring in Breakout Kings, Serinda has portrayed a sorceress (Smallville), a goddess (The Lightning Thief), and a digital siren (Tron: Legacy). Serinda, want to play D&D with us?
Heat factor: She says she has a crush on Prince William. Blimey!

Kelli Hutcherson
The MMA delivers its biggest knockout courtesy of this smokin’-hot Strikeforce ring girl.
Heat factor: With modeling gigs aplenty (think surf shops and energy drinks), this ray of California sunshine is just getting started.

Nicky Whelan
She popped up in Hall Pass, but those with a thing for Australian soap operas will know her as the insanely hot Pepper Steiger in Oz’s biggest TV export—and starting point for Kylie Minogue—Neighbours.
Heat factor: The bikini was invented specifically for Nicky, a fact so hot it sounds like we just made it up!

Erin Andrews
Long before she wowed us on Dancing With the Stars (we’re suckers for a mambo), Erin reigned as the best sideline reporter of all time.
Heat factor: A one-two punch of genuine sports smarts and knockout looks? Yes, please!

Lauren Storm
She took the world by, well, storm after her on-screen ménage à trois in I Love You, Beth Cooper.
Heat factor: Lauren’s back on the big screen this winter in M.U.D.Which is what your name will be if you miss it.

Lyndsy Fonseca
Who’d believe the babe from Kick-Ass and Nikita started out onThe Young and the Restless? We would, because we can Google.
Heat factor: Get your Lyndsy fix when Nikita (hopefully) returns this fall.

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