Monday, 11 May 2020

Quarantine series list

Best shows to watch while in Quarantine


  Really unique at the same time weird show  it is really enjoyable . If u liked stranger things even a tiny bit u will love this especially  if u love dark themed series. I really enjoyed this one although it is in German even with subtitles it is really good.It is really well made all the characters are really unique in itself and with the time travel and the twisted family plot it really pulls u in as u can not expect what comes next.

2. Money heist

This show does not need any praise as it itself is a really commendable and good acted show which is already popular around the world . It is a crime/thriller/drama genre  .Even though it is a spanish show that doesn't  make it any less interesting . The characters in this show are really solid it already ended its 4th season with a cliffhanger so people are already waiting eagerly for the next season with high expectation waiting for what will come next.

3. Coupling

Now if you are in a mood to watch something different after heavy drama and thriller of above 2 shows, it is the perfect show. Everyone know friends but this hidden gem is really on par with friends . It is a british sitcom with same plot as friends but it is british u will see a totally different kind of humor as compared to friends.

That is all for now will update this with few more soon.


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