Sunday, 25 March 2012

Floating wonder

Anthropomorphic + Futuristic = Fantastic Floating Homes

futuristic luxury houseboat design
Futuristic, yet, but not the far-fetched science-fiction fantasy industrial design you might think – the Oculus by Schoepfer Yachtsmay not be for sale yet but it is already in pre-production mode with naval architects on board, so to speak. Hardly your typicalhouseboat, it is a virtual cruise ship for the rich and famous who can afford to buy it when it is fully    planned and built.
futuristic cool house boat
The anthropomorphism of this luxury floating home is of course intentional – the front deck like the gaping mouth of a gigantic sea creature and the sleek curves mimicking streamlined oceanic animals.
futuristic private house boat idea
Complete with a swimming pool on top and a futuristic interior design this is far more like a permanent mobile home than a cruising yacht.
futuristic luxury houseboat yacht
The smaller and simpler (both adjectives applied relative to its bigger brother of course) version of this spectacular design is the Infinitas, with a more sleek and streamlined profile and a semi-enclosed on-board swimming pool in the center but underneath the shell.

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