Sunday, 25 March 2012


  • The Water Jet Pack

    Water Jet Pack

    Move over sliced bread, the Water Jet Pack is officially the greatest thing ever. For only $130,000.00 you can own your very own water thrusting jetpack. The Water Jet Pack can lift you up over 20 feet high and thrust forward at 22 miles per hour.
  • Camera Lens Coffee Mug

    Camera Lens Coffee Mug
    This high quality and super detailed camera lens is actually a coffee mug you can drink out of! The camera lens coffee mug is a great gift for photography enthusiasts, and will surely turn many heads when people see you drinking out of it.
  • Batman Brake Light Cover

    Batman Brake Signal Cover
    You might not be driving around in the Batmobile, but with the Batman brake light cover you can still show off your love for all things Batman by easily covering your car’s brake light and displaying the bat signal to all the envious drivers behind you.
  • Space Invaders Couch

    Space Invaders Couch
    The Space Invaders Couch is one of the highest quality retro video game couches ever made. It’s sleek design and memory foam cushioning makes the Space Invaders couch not only incredibly nostalgic, but comfortable too, and makes a great house warming gift for geeks.
  • iPhone Leather Book Case

    iPhone Leather Book Case
    The BookBook iPhone Leather Book Case is a stylish two in one iPhone cover and wallet that perfectly stores your phone, credit cards, ID, and small bills. Made from genuine leather, this iPhone case makes a cool gift for iPhone users who like organization.
  • Sub-Zero MacBook Sticker

    Sub-Zero MacBook Sticker
    Transform your regular MacBook’s apple logo light into a ball of ice being conjured by none other than Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat. These stickers are low-adhesive vinyl that can easily be removed and reapplied without leaving a sticky residue on your MacBook.
  • Medieval Hand Blades

    Medieval Hand Blades
    Owning a pair of these medieval hand blades is the closest you’ll ever get to being born with mutant healing powers and given retractable blades in your fists. These fully functional hand blades are designed with mini skulls and sport a comfortable hand grip as well.
  • Nintendo Gameboy Dress

    Nintendo Dress
    The Nintendo Gameboy dress is the ultimate way to ensure you’ll never run out of facebook stalkers. This Nintendo Gameboy dress is hand knit and comes in multiple sizes so that women every where can drive the typical geeky male absolutely crazy.
  • Dragon Skull Incense Burner

    Dragon Skull Incense Burner
    Want to keep your house smelling fresh but keep your grizzled reputation intact? Well then the Dragon Skull Incense Burner is here to help you – the incense smoke releases from this epic looking Dragon’s nostrils allowing your house to smell and look great.
  • Dolphin Power Boat

    Dolphin Boat
    Tear up the seas like never before with this dolphin shaped power boat known as the Sea Breacher! This amazing dolphin boat is capable of submerging and launching at a high speed into the air like a real dolphin. Jetskis just became obsolete.
  • Raptor Hoodie

    Raptor Hoodie
    Transform from being boring and regularly clothed to sporting a vicious looking open mouthed Raptor with the Raptor Hoodie. This Raptor Hoodie is a great gift for people who love dinosaurs and is available in both kids andadult sizes, so we can all dinosaur out!
  • Coffee Table Aquarium

    Coffee Table Aquarium
    No bachelor pad would be complete without an over the top item like an aquarium coffee table. Both stylish and functional, this coffee table aquarium comes complete with decorative aquarium plants, lighting, filtration pumps, and everything else you’ll need.
  • Super Mario Wall Stickers

    Super Mario Wall Stickers
    Decorate your room with one of the most recognizable games ever with the Super Mario Wall Stickers. Included in this Super Mario Wall Sticker package are three large and restickable vinyl decals, with dozens of smaller individual decals in each package.
  • Sword Handle Umbrellas

    Sword Handle Umbrellas
    When you need to stay safe from the rain but also want to keep your man ego intact, a sword handle umbrella is the only solution. From broad swords to samurai swords, you’ll look like a rain impenetrable warlord walking around with any one of these umbrellas.
  • AK-47 Lamp

    AK-47 Lamp
    These Russian style AK-47 Lamps can be powered by electricity or Vodka and make a great gift for thugs, gangsters, goons, and mobsters alike. These AK-47 lamps are hand made with extra attention to detail and stand nearly three feet tall.
  • Suit Pajamas

    Suit Pajamas
    Look and feel like a million bucks every time you go to sleep with these Suit Pajamas. These Suit Pajamas are the officially licensed version of Suitjamas as seen in How I Met Your Mother, and are made from fine silk and cotton for a light and breathable feel.
  • Cassette Tape iPhone Case

    Cassette Tape iPhone Case
    Turn your regular iPhone into a classic looking cassette tape with this cool iPhone case. The cassette tape case is flexible, sturdy, has openings for all the cable slots, and you can choose between a variety of colors for this cool novelty iPhone case.
  • Portable Nightlight Globes

    Glowing Balls
    Light up the kid’s room with these night light globes or grab a single globe and use it as a light source. These portable nightlight globes are available in any color you like, and stay lit for thirty minutes before fading to darkness to ease any kid into falling asleep.
  • Flying Radio Control Shark

    Flying Radio Control Shark
    This radio control flying shark needs to be to seen in action. When in motion the shark’s back fin moves and gives a surprisingly realistic look to anyone caught in this deadly beast’s way. The flying radio control shark is made from durable nylon and uses refillable helium.
  • Mini Fire Extinguisher Lighter

    Mini Fire Extinguisher Lighter
    The mini fire extinguisher lighter is a cool twist on the tried and true fire extinguisher. Made from solid metal, the mini fire extinguisher lighter is refillable and has an adjustable flame and makes a great stocking stuffer gift idea for smokers.
  • Mini Jelly Fish Tank

    Mini Jelly Fish Tank
    This mini jelly fish aquarium tank will easily be the most hypnotizing home decor you’ll ever own. These jelly fish tanks are custom built to ensure the survival of jelly fish with a custom filtration system, and carry a stylish design with color changing LED lighting built in.
  • Arcade Light Switch

    Arcade Light Switch
    Convert your boring home light switches to these nostalgic arcade style light switches. These arcade light switches are great for game rooms or kids rooms, but look especially great in your parents basement that you still live in at the disturbing age of 31.
  • Mini iPhone Speaker Amplifier

    Mini iPhone Speaker Amplifier
    The mini iPhone speaker amplifier is a device that attaches to your iPhone and boosts the sound levels by 13 decibels without requiring any battery use, just good old fashioned acoustical science. It also doubles as phone stand so you can watch movies and shows.
  • Beer Bottle Chandelier

    Beer Bottle Chandelier
    The Beer Bottle Chandelier is the ultimate lighting source for a home bar or enclosed patio. Made from real beer bottles, the beer bottle chandelier is a beautiful chandelier that displays many colors and makes a great house warming gift that even the wife would enjoy.
  • Batman Snuggie Blanket

    Batman Snuggie Blanket
    Keep warm and look like the Dark Knight with this Batman Snuggie Blanket! The snuggie blanket allows your hands to be free while still giving you the benefit of wearing a full adult size blanket, and makes a great gift idea for the holidays.
  • Bamboo Keyboard With Mouse

    Bamboo Keyboard With Mouse
    This USB Keyboard + Mouse combo is made from natural bamboo and is compatible with all computers. The bamboo keyboard and mouse will give you a warm and elegant feel whenever you use your PC, even though you’re probably wasting away on dumb sites like this one.
  • Inflatable Walk On Water Ball

    walk on water inflatable ball
    You may not be heavenly, but that shouldn’t stop you from walking on water thanks to this inflatable human hamster ball. At approximately 7 feet tall, this inflatable walk on water ball will provide hours of fun on the water, and possibly induce claustrophobia.
  • Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug

    Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug
    The toilet bowl coffee mug is without a doubt the classiest coffee mug in existence, even with the seat left up. It’s an even finer item when you use the toilet bowl coffee mug as a bowl to eat out of, and makes a great gag gift for people who have awful drink preferences.
  • Dragon Toilet Paper Holder

    Dragon Toilet Paper Holder
    Give your bathroom some geeky and medieval style with this Dragon statue toilet paper holder. This Dragon toilet paper holder is hand painted and will almost certainly guarantee you’ll never seal the deal if you bring a girl over your home.
  • Google Sneakers

    Google Sneakers
    Look fresh to death at the next LAN party and get noticed by all the geeky honeys with these Google Nike Sneakers with G+ technology built in. These Google Sneakers are one of the many amazing custom shoes designed by Daniel Reese, and are a cool gift for geeks.
  • Labyrinth Aquarium

    Labyrinth Aquarium
    Give your home some real character and show off your fish with the Labyrinth Aquarium. This Labyrinth Aquarium is designed for tropical fish and includes lights, filters, air pumps, cleaning supplies, and makes a cool gift idea for any home.
  • Snuggle Pillow

    Snuggle Pillow
    This Snuggle Pillow will always be a shoulder for you to lie and cry on. This pillow is machine washable, includes the removable t-shirt, and also is a great neck pillow. Makes a great gift for the constantly neglected forever aloners or girls on the rebound.
  • Transformer USB Flash Drive

    Transformer USB Flash Drive
    If you loved playing with transformers as a kid, you’ll love this Transforming USB flash drive. Equipped with four gigs of memory and built to look like Ravage, the decepticon transforming jungle cat definitely has more than meets the eye.
  • Whiskey Ice Cube Stones

    Whiskey Ice Cube Stones
    Whiskey stones are freezable naturally mined soapstones that will keep your drink cold but won’t water it down. The whiskey stones will keep your drink cold up to an hour, allowing you to savor the delicious whiskey or other liquor of your choice.
  • Magic Wand TV Remote

    Magic Wand Remote Control
    Harry Potter fans can now control any TV with the flick of the wrist with this magic wand TV remote control! This magic wand TV remote control has thirteen different gestures to do everything from turn the TV on and off to changing the volume or channel.
  • Tron Motorcycle

    Tron Motorcycle
    This Tron style motorcycle is a fully functional and street legal bike that is powered by a Suzuki 996cc engine. While riding on the Tron motorcycle you lay in a flat position akin to the Tron movie. For only $55,000.00 you can tear up the streets Tron Style.
  • Pet Hoodies

    Pet Hoodie
    If your small pet struggles to stay warm during the cold winters than consider keeping Mr. Fluffums warm this winter season with these stylish pet hoodies. Made from 100% cotton, these sleeved pet hoodies will make your pet feel cool while staying warm.
  • Skull Shot Glasses

    Skull Shot Glasses
    Real men fight bears, arm wrestle lions, and drink exclusively from skull shot glasses that are lit on fire. Now you too can own yourself some skull shaped shot glasses and finally be able to say you’re own your way to becoming a real man.
  • Frozen Han Solo Carbonite Desk

    Frozen Han Solo Desk
    During the renovations of his lair, Jabba the Hutt’s favorite decoration was converted from a lovely wall ornament to a fully functional desk. Made from metal and fiberglass, this incredibly detailed concept desk is a must have collector’s item for Star Wars fans.
  • Credit Card Sized Toolkit

    Wallet Credit Card Toolkit
    This pocket size toolkit is as thin as a credit card so it can easily fit in your wallet. Aside from being as thin as a credit card, this toolkit includes a knife, compass, magnification lens, tweezers, screwdriver, bottle opener, and a toothpick!
  • Self Controlled Tow Boat

    Skier Controlled Tow Boat
    Water ski anywhere and be in complete control with this unmanned water skiing boat that is controlled entirely by the skier. This unmanned skier boat holds up to six gallons of gas and automatically shuts off if the skier lets go of the handle.
  • Electronics Cleaning Putty

    Electronics Cleaning Putty
    This cleaning putty is perfect for cleaning your electronics; The putty will conform its shape to any item to ensure it gets into all the cracks and crevices and pulls out all the debris. This putty is the coolest, safest, and most thorough way to do a deep clean all your electronics.
  • Upside Down Beer Bottle Glass

    Upside Down Beer Bottle Glass
    Everything you know is a lie. Drink your beer upside down with this upside down beer bottle glass. This novelty beer glass is dishwasher safe, holds 12 ounces and is a cool gift for parties and will be an instant conversation piece.
  • Water Temperature LED Faucet

    Water Temperature LED Faucet
    Add some high tech style to your home faucet with this temperature sensitive LED Faucet. The color of the lighting changes depending on the temperature of the water that is coming out: blue means the water is cold, green means the water is hot, red means the water is very hot.
  • Ford Mustang Pool Table

    Mustang Pool Table
    Play a game of billiards on one of the greatest pony cars to ever grace the auto industry – the 1965 Ford Mustang. These custom made Mustang Pool Tables comes with real chrome bumpers, working head lights, real tires, and real wheels.
  • Titanic Ice Cube Mold

    Titanic Ice Cube Mold
    Add a touch of class to every drink with the Titanic ice cube mold, and relive the glorious failure that was the Titanic. Included in this Titanic ice cube mold are the molds for the titanic ship and the merciless iceberg.
  • Light Up Umbrella

    Light Up Umbrella
    Stay dry and lit up with this LED Light Up Umbrella. This umbrella features an LED shaft that lights up with multiple colors. At 36 inches long this light up umbrella is perfect for rainy nights or to put together a Blade Runner style costume.
  • Moon Wall Light

    Moon Wall Light
    Enjoy a full moon every night and keep your bed room lit up with the Moon Wall Light. This bed room light has a built in sensor that activates the Moon’s illumination when the room starts getting dark and makes a cool gift for a kid’s room.
  • Old Leather Book Laptop Case

    This is one laptop cover that will definitely set you apart from the rest. It looks like a century old leather book, but it holds your laptop nice and snug while making you look like some 18th century scholar, and most impressively it doesn’t overheat your laptop.
  • Baby Carrying Jacket

    Baby Carrying Jacket
    Carry your newly born baby with ease thanks to the Peekaru hands free baby carrying jacket. The Peekaru is a cool gift idea for parents who live active lifestyles and want the ease of carrying around their baby while still being able to use their hands freely.
  • Chocolate Planets

    Planetary Chocolates
    Ever wonder what Uranus tastes like? Thanks to these chocolate planet balls, we now know that planet tastes like milk tea. Included in this tasty pack of geeky chocolates are eight different planets, each with their own unique flavor.
  • Jedi Bath Robes

    Jedi Bath Robes
    Nobody likes a smelly Jedi, so keep clean and dry yourself off after a nice cleansing shower with these Jedi Bath Robes. These Jedi Bath Robes are officially licensed Star Wars Bath Robes and come in a one size fits all.. even Jabba himself could fit in this robe.
  • Interactive Pool Table

    Interactive Pool Table
    Play billiards on this digitally upgraded pool table that interacts with every movement of the pool balls. Custom set high definition imagery displays underneath each ball, and more of theimage gets revealed as the pool balls roll over this high class pool table.
  • Magnetic Toy Balls

    Magnetic Balls
    These magnetic balls are a very cool toy for people of all ages. The array of designs you can come up with is pretty impressive using these magnetic toy balls. Even more fun is when you order multiple magnetic toy balls and create one giant magnetic ball of devastation!
  • Shark Sleeping Bag

    Shark Sleeping Bag
    You’ll be sleeping with the fishes with this Shark Sleeping Bag. This sleeping bag also works well as a body pillow or as the most threatening weapon you can wield in a pillow fight, and makes a cool gift to compliment shark week.
  • Toilet Seat Pedal

    Toilet Seat Pedal
    This toilet seat pedal is a brilliant solution to end fights over leaving the toilet seat up and down. Just like a regular trash can pedal, you step on the pedal to lift up the toilet seat, and remove your foot when you are done and the toilet seat slowly drops back down.
  • Crystal Clear Canoe

    Crystal Clear Canoe
    Glass bottom boat tours just got knocked down a notch thanks to these amazing clear canoes that allow you to view the marine life below you like never before with up to two people in this clear canoe! This canoe is also collapsible for easy storage.
  • Samurai Sword Chopsticks

    Samurai Chop Sticks
    Eat sushi in style with these highly detailed miniature samurai sword chopsticks. These fully functional chopsticks are a great gift for anyone who is a heavy sushi eater or for anyone who simply enjoys Japanese culture.
  • Metal Spiderman Table

    Metal Spiderman Table
    Our spidey sense is tingling – it’s saying we’re about to go broke thanks to this unbelievable Metal Spiderman Table from the amazingKreatworks Etsy shop that specializes in huge metallic statues. This Spiderman Table is a definite must buy for Spiderman fans.
  • Glow In The Dark Toilet Paper

    Glow In The Dark Toilet Paper
    Now you’ll no longer struggle to relieve yourself during those half awake bathroom visits in the middle of the night with glow in the dark toilet paper. Functional and fun, you’ll know you’re getting a complete wipe when the toilet paper stops glowing.
  • Moving Ink Blot Masks

    Moving Inkblot Masks
    If you’re looking for a truly creepy mask then look no further than these Moving Inkblot Rorschach Masks. These hand made masks are akin to the mask seen in the movie Watchmen with the endlessly changing ink blots, and come in five different ink blot styles.
  • Self Sustaining Ecosphere

    Self Sustaining EcoSphere Orb
    This self sustaining ecosphere is like owning your own little world. The ecosphere is a balance of water, air, and life; technology for this self sustaining ecosphere was developed by NASA scientists in an attempt to study our own planet’s biosphere.
  • USB Wall Outlet

    USB Wall Outlet
    Recharge your USB appliances and mobile devices with ease thanks to this clever wall outlet with two built in USB ports. Now you can throw out all those bulky USB power adapters, or maybe even burn them. This USB Wall Outlet is a great gift for the workplace or home office.
  • Gear Ring

    Gear Ring
    The Gear Ring is a cool and innovative product with completely functional gears built in the ring. The gears move when you twist the top and / or bottom of the ring – making this ring a really cool gift for guys for geeky people who love mechanics.
  • Playable Guitar Shirt

    Playable Guitar Shirt
    Forget to bring your guitar to band practice? No worries, now you can rock out wherever you go with this fully playable Guitar shirt that comes with a mini guitar amp speaker that outputs all major chords as you strum out the guitar using the included magnetic guitar pick.
  • AK-47 Rifle With Chainsaw

    Chainsaw AK-47 Rifle
    Whether you’re taking on hordes of zombies or just fighting one up close, the AK-47 rifle with an attached chainsaw is the go to weapon for zombie apocalypse survival. While not yet officially for sale, these unique AK-47 rifles are a must have item for doomsday preppers.
  • T-Rex Staple Remover

    T-Rex Staple Remover
    Own the coolest staple remover on the cubicle block by grabbing one of these T-Rex staple removers. This clever design looks like a T-Rex and kind of makes you wonder how well they would do in a corporate environment had they not gone extinct.
  • All My Friends Are Dead Kid’s Book

    All My Friends Are Dead Kid's Book
    Like many important life lessons, teaching kids about something is best done in laughable cartoon form. All My Friends Are Dead is a hilarious book that teaches your kids about death. Follow this book up with “Everyone Poops” afterwards to lighten the mood.
  • The Bed Fan

    Bed Fan
    If you are constantly uncovering yourself from the bed sheets at night because you can’t maintain a cool temperature then you need a Bed Fan. The Bed Fan will quietly disperse hot air under the sheets and keep you cool all night long so you can get a good night’s rest.
  • Fish Condo Aquarium

    Fish Condo Aquarium
    Want to have a fish aquarium in your house but want it to look sleek and trendy? This fish condo aquarium is the solution to all your problems (mostly).
  • Playstation Controller Soap Bar

    Playstation Controller Soap Bar
    What you’re looking at isn’t a real playstation controller, it’s a bar of soap! This playstation controller soap bar is “grape soda” scented and is made with high quality soap ingredients and is a great gift idea for the hygienically forgetful gamer.
  • Endless Edges Brownie Pan

    Endless Edges Brownie Pan
    No more fights need to occur over who gets the delicious corner brownies thanks to this endless edge brownie pan. With this uniquely shaped brownie pan, now every brownie piece in this brownie pan has a fine crust for added delicious in every bite.
  • iPhone Camera Button

    One Click iPhone Camera Button
    Take pictures with your iPhone instanteously with the one click iPhone camera button. No longer will you have to fumble with the iPhone’s proprietary software as this clever attachment makes taking photos with your phone a snap, literally.
  • Brass Knuckles Taser

    Brass Knuckles Tazer
    Land some electrically charged blows to any potential attacker with these brass knuckles tazers. These knuckle enhancing stun guns pack an impressive 950,000 volts of electricity in every punch, enough to paralyze your attacker even if you punch like a little girl.
  • Ultimate Computer Station

    Ultimate Computer Station
    Complete work assignments, play video games, or just browse the web like never before with the ultimate computer station that features everything from touch screen controls to air filtering systems. This hand built chair will make you the envy of cubicle dwellers everywhere.
  • Monopoly Money Tie

    Monopoly Money Tie
    This monopoly money tie oozes swagger. A great tie to wear to important meetings, or on first dates. The monopoly money tie conveys a certain level of sophistication that a regular striped pattern just never could; The monopoly money tie tells the world “I’ve made it”.
  • Ninja Star Coat Hangers

    Ninja Star Coat Hanger
    Not much is known about a ninja’s personal life, but one thing we do know is that they don’t waste any tool in their weapons arsenal. These ninja star coat hangers are a clever way to hang your wearables at home, and can be installed onto just about any wall surface.
  • The Ultimate Swiss Army Knife

    Ultimate Swiss Army Knife
    If you were told you could take only one item with you to a desert island, the Ultimate Swiss Army Knife is that one item you’d take. With over 87 different tools crammed into this one epic package, the Ultimate Swiss Army Knife is the handiest tool you’ll ever own.
  • Gigantic Water Slide

    Gigantic Water Slide
    This inflatable water slide stands an impressive sixteen feet tall and is the ultimate water slide for the summer time. The gigantic water slide also features a large standing area inside of the slide, making for an excellent hang out spot on the water.
  • Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

    Nose Shower Gel Dispenser
    This over sized novelty nose shower gel dispenser is awesomely bad. Load it up with green shower gel, shampoo, face-scrub, or soap and you’ll have a tough time feeling like you’re cleaning yourself while squeezing out goopy liquid from a big nose to wash yourself.
  • Cookie Bowl Mold

    Cookie Bowl Mold
    Instead of eating out of non-edible bowls like a healthy person would, you can now eat from artery clogging cookie bowls! This Cookie Bowl mold has six cavity molds to allow you to easily make delicious cookie bowls that will turn any meal time into an epic meal time.
  • Barbarian Beard Beanies

    Barbarian Beard Beanies
    Throw out your ugly Christmas sweaters, the Barbarian Beard Beanie is the only thing you’ll ever need to keep warm during the winter. These braided beards come with a horned skull cap that merge together to keep you warm while making you look like a warlord.
  • Flying Car

    Flying Car
    Like most people, we have been disgruntled for years thanks to the Jetsons making us believe we’d have flying cars by the year 2000. Thankfully, the Future™ has finally arrived – flying cars are now available to the general public! All you need is a pilot’s license to fly it.
  • Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit

    Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit
    In the show Man vs. Wild, Bear is put in extreme situations with little tools to survive the wilderness except his survival skills. You, however, are not Bear Grylls, so come prepared with this ultimate survival kit that includes everything you’ll need if things go south.
  • Narwhal Clay Figurines

    Narwhal Clay Figurines
    If you love narwhals, these handmade clay narwhal figurines will be your kryptonite. Each little narwhal figurine is just under five inches long when including the size of it’s horn, and because they are hand made figurines no one narwhal is alike.
  • Electric Motorized Shoes

    Electric Motorized Shoes
    Walking is difficult. You’ve got to use all those lousy leg muscles, not to mention overload your brain with orders to move each individual leg in a tiring synchronized motion. Thankfully, the Future™ has finally arrived, and now you can move effortlessly with electric motorized shoes.
  • Qlocktwo Designer Clock

    Qlocktwo Designer Clock
    The qlocktwo is an uber expensive digital clock that is available in many different colors, and has a very unique way of displaying the time. This designer clock is a great gift for someone who has it all, and also makes a great house warming gift.
  • Human Key Holders

    Human Key Holder
    Never lose your keys when you get home with these human key holders. These hilarious and useful key holders work by storing your keys in the “human” area so you never lose sight of your keys. The set includes two human key holders.
  • Tangle Free Zip-Up Earbuds

    Zip Up Headphones
    Avoid constantly tangled earbuds wires with these zip-up style earbuds/headphones. These zipup style earbuds are great to take to the gym where more traditional loose hanging earbud wires often get caught in workout equipment.
  • Vintage Style Medic Messenger Bag

    Vintage Medic Messenger Bag
    Carry around your stuff in these vintage style medic messenger bags that real men used during battle; If this messenger bag worked for them in World War II, it can certainly carry around chap stick and other sissy items you haul around.
  • Oldies Style Snow Cone Machine

    Oldies Style Snow Cone Machine
    The only thing better than snow cones is more snow cones! The only thing better than even more snow cones is making them in a nostalgic old fashioned snow cone machine! This snow cone machine goes great in any home and your kids will love it.
  • Zelda Sword USB Drive

    Zelda Sword Usb Drive
    It’s dangerous to go alone, take this Zelda Master Sword USB Drive! This Zelda Sword unsheathes to reveal the USB drive, comes in various memory sizes from 4 GB all the way up to 32 GB, and makes a great gift idea for Zelda fans.
  • Inflatable 14′ Climbable Iceberg

    This 14 foot inflatable iceberg is climbable, can be used as a diving platform, hangout spot, or even as a small island for those lonely nights when the wife kicks you out of the house. Without a doubt, this is the best $6000.00 you’ll ever spend, guaranteed.
  • Your Ex Knife Holder Set

    Your Ex Knife Holder Set
    Finally a knife holder that calms the murderous rage we all feel for our ex’s! This five piece knife set includes every type of knife you’d typically use 
    to murder your ex
    , comes in a wide variety of colors, and is the perfect gift for the heartbroken.
  • Beer Ammo Bandolier

    This beer ammo bandolier is the perfect way to carry a 12 pack of beer when tailgating or at parties. If G.I. Joe were an alcoholic, he’d use this beer ammo bandolier. This Beer Ammo Bandolier makes a great party gift.
  • Go The Fuck To Sleep Kid’s Book

    Go The Fuck To Sleep Kid's Book
    Go The Fuck To Sleep is a children’s book for grown ups, a hilarious take on tired parents who just want their damn kids to go to sleep. Seriously kids, go the fuck to sleep already.
  • Square Ice Cream Scooper

    Square Ice Cream Scooper
    A fun twist on regular ice cream, now you can drop square scoops of ice cream out onto an ice cream cone, plate, or get really creative with other deserts mixed in. This square ice cream scooper has a trendy design and is easy to clean up too.
  • LED Temperature Faucet Nozzle

    Temperature LED Faucet Nozzle
    Instantly know the temperature of the water coming out of your faucet with this LED faucet nozzle attachment. Batteries not required – powered by the flow of water exiting the nozzle, hot water turns the LED red, and cold water turns the LED blue.
  • Smartphone Laser Tag

    Now you can play laser tag with all your friends with this smartphone laser tag attachment and app! Available for both Android and iPhones, this laser tag app and gun not only makes laser tag games instantaneous, but it also has cool features like armor, ammo, and health packs.
  • Radio Control Flying Superhero

    Radio Control Flying Superhero
    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… a flying superhero? Now you can troll curious onlookers with these radio control flying superheroes that from a distance look like actual flying humans! Adding a red superhero cape to really finish off the look is recommended too.
  • 80s Style iPhone Case

    80's Style iPhone Case
    Remember how great the 1980s were? We don’t either! Now you can mockingly honor the decade known best for cocaine and bad fashion with this 80s style iPhone case that will turn your sleek iPhone into a bulky and cumbersome brick like device.
  • Perpetual Energy Sculpture

    Remember that really cool swinging kinetic energy sculpture that was so distracting in the Iron-Man movie? Sure you do. Well it’s real, and you can buy it! This sculpture makes a cool gift idea for the work place to keep you endlessly distracted.
  • 8 Bit Shirt Tie

    8 Bit Shirt Tie
    Blend the real world with the 8 bit world with this fun pixelated 8 bit shirt tie. The 8 bit tie comes in blue or red and has jagged edges that remind us of a simpler time when graphics were pixelated and an italian plumber named Mario was all the rage.
  • Super Mario Piranha Plant Earrings

    Super Mario Piranha Plant Earrings
    Show off your nerdy Mario side with the Piranha Plant Earrings. These custom made earrings are modeled after the always troublesome piranha plants from the Super Mario games, and have a clever design where it looks like the plant is biting on your ears.
  • USB Rechargable AA Batteries

    USB Recharable AA Batteries
    These rechargable batteries are just a tad bit cooler than your typical rechargable batteries. These rechargable batteries plug into your USB slot on your computer to get their juice reinvigorated.
  • Storm Trooper Coffee Mug

    Storm Trooper Coffee Mug
    This is the coffee mug you were looking for! This high detailed ceramic Storm Trooper’s Head Coffee Mug is a great collector’s item for any Star Wars fan, and goes great alongside the equally amazing Darth Vader and Boba Fett Coffee Mugs.
  • Chalkboard Wall Paint

    Chalkboard Wall Paint
    Transform those dull walls in your home to chalkboards just like you had in school! Applied just like regular paint, the chalkboard wall paint goes on easily to any wall surface and when it dries you’ll have yourself a genuine chalkboard to write and draw on.
  • World Of Warcraft Orc Masks

    World of Warcraft Orc Masks
    For the Horde! These amazingly detailed World of Warcraft Orc masks will have all your friends green with envy. The WoW orc mask is great to wear to LAN parties, sci-fi conventions, WoW interventions, or just about anywhere you will be around fellow WoW gamers.
  • Bike Wheel Lights

    Light Up Bike Wheels
    If you like to bike at night and want to make sure you’ll always be seen by oncoming traffic then these LED Bike Wheel Lights are for you. Along with providing safety, they also look incredible with 32 full color LED lights that easily install into your existing bike’s wheels.
  • Transparent Pool Table

    Transparent Pool Table
    The G1 Transparent Pool Table is as cool as it is expensive. At a whopping $46,000.00 this pool table is incredibly well put together and makes you feel like you’re playing a more trendy and futuristic version of billiards.
  • Mechanical Pin Clock

    Pin Clock
    Remember those pin art toys that would capture whatever you placed into it? That same design concept has been inserted into this Pin Clock. See a video of it in action here. The clock is quite loud though, but if you’ve ever used a pin art toy you are familiar with the sound.
  • Vampire Hunting Kit

    Vampire Hunting Kit
    Fight off evil blood suckers with this Vampire Hunting Kit. The kit includes everything you’ll need to kill a vampire such as but not limited to: a cross sharpened into a dagger, vintage coffin nails, vintage holy bible, and all the other essentials to kill a vampire.
  • Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters

    Ninja Bread Men Cookie Cutters
    Regular ginger bread men are so old, cliché, and lame. With this cookie cutter mold you can create the coolest cookies in existence: ninjabread men cookies! Three attack poses are included in this cookie cutter set of ninjabread men.
  • Floppy Disk Pillow

    Floppy Disk Pillow
    Floppy disks are no longer obsolete relics of technology past, because now they are cute and comfy little sleeping buddies. Made from 100% cotton, these 16″ by 16″ geeky pillows come loaded with personality and will add a personal touch to any room.
  • Back To The Kitchen Shirt

    Back To The Kitchen Shirt
    Nothing says “I love you” quite like fetching a tasty sandwich for that special guy in your life. This hilarious parody of the Back To The Future logo makes a great gift for the girlfriend or wife, and will ensure you sleep on the couch for at least a week.
  • Portable Super Nintendo Player

    Portable Super Nintendo Player
    Break out that box of old Super Nintendo cartridges you’ve got in storage because now you replay all the classics in this amazing handheld Super Nintendo player! Shaped like the original controller of a Super Nintendo, this pocket SNES is great for nostalgic gamers.
  • World’s Most Powerful Laser

    World's Most Powerful Laser
    Tired of those weak regular laser pointers that don’t paralyze and cause permanent retina damage to someone when you point it at their eyes? Want to own a laser so powerful that it’s practically a lightsaber? Gentlemen, we present to you the world’s most powerful laser.
  • DIY Pixel Art Stickers

    Do It Yourself Pixel Art Stickers Studio
    Create your own pixelated works of art or just purchase some of the cool pixel stickers already created with the Do It Yourself Pixel Art Sticker Studio. The pixel art studio is easy to use, just load it and start drawing pixels, save it, and purchase it!
  • Lightsaber Chopsticks

    Lightsaber Chopsticks
    It’s rumored that Jedi knights get their high connection to the force because of all the sushi they eat. You too can be a Jedi if you eat enough sushi while using these lightsaber chopsticks… well, probably not – but they are pretty cool chopsticks!
  • Anatomically Correct Heart Necklace

    Anatomically Correct Heart Necklace
    The anatomically correct heart necklace is an awesome twist on the most famous necklace ever, the heart shape. Show your special someone that you love them by giving them your heart, literally, with this anatomically correct heart necklace.
  • The Many Faces of Bill Murray Print

    Many Faces of Bill Murray Art Poster
    From Caddyshack to Groundhog Day to Ghostbusters to Zombieland, Bill Murray is an incredible human being. Celebrate your love for Bill Murray with this art poster showcasing him in the many movies roles Mr. Murray has starred (or stolen the show) in.
  • Checkers Shotglass Drinking Game

    Shot Glass Checkers Drinking Game
    Checkers was fun when you were a kid, but now that you’re all grown up you’ve probably wondered how you can still enjoy the game of checkers. The answer is simple: shotglass checkers. Nothing gets a party going better than checkers and alcohol.
  • Remote Control Quadricopter

    Remote Control Quadricopter
    This toy helicopter comes with four rotor blades that can be controlled with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. This neat quadricopter also comes with a built in camera that relays back to your smart device, and also a protective shell for indoor use.
  • Pizza Scissors Spatula

    Pizza Scissor Spatula
    Cut and serve a full size pizza with ease with the Pizza Scissors Spatula. This brilliant kitchen tool merges scissors and a spatula so you can cut and pick up a pizza slice all in one quick motion without burning your hands or having any toppings fall off.
  • Question Block Lamp

    Question Block Lamp
    Add some Super Mario style lighting to your home with these 8-Bit question block lamps. These geeky gamer lamps are touch sensitive, so you’ll need to punch it from the bottom to activate it just like in the Super Mario series, and it makes a classic 8-bit noise when hit.
  • Exposed Muscles Leggings

    Exposed Muscles Leggings
    You’re sexy and you know it – but if you really want to show the whole world how beautifully in-shape you are, then you’re going to have to show off your inner beauty too. These exposed muscle leggings will give off the look of your legs being turned inside out.
  • Switchblade Bottle Opener

    Switchblade Bottle Opener
    Aside from opening beer bottles with your eye socket, this switch blade bottle opener will be the coolest way you’ll ever crack open some cold ones. Just flick the switch like a regular switchblade knife, and you’ll be the envy of all your alcoholic buddies.
  • iPhone SLR Adapter

    iPhone SLR Adapter
    That standard three megapixel camera in the iPhone not good enough for you? With this ingenious iPhone SLR Adapter you can now take incredibly detailed photos on your iPhone like never before by mounting your favorite SLR camera lens onto your iPhone.
  • Not You Again Doormat

    Not You Again Doormat
    Greet your guests with bitter surprise with these out of the ordinary doormats. Durable and easy to maintain, these non-skid vinyl backed doormats are a great way to express your thoughts on the annoying neighbors and solicitors in your neighborhood.
  • Bonsai Mini Forest

    Redwood Mini Forest
    These Redwood Bonsai trees are like having a mini forest in your own home. Included in this Bonsai tree package are five Redwood Bonsai trees roughly seven years old and nearly two feet tall, and they make a great house warming gift for any home.
  • Pac-Man Wall Stickers

    Pac-Man Wall Stickers
    Give your room some retro video game style with these Pac Man Wall Stickers. These wall stickers perfectly capture the vintage look of Pac Man and when combined with the Arcade Style Light Switches make for one epic looking video game room.
  • Cakesicle Cooking Pan

    Cakesicle Cooking Pan
    Now you can make cookies and brownies or even cakes on a stick with this Cakesicle cooking pan! It is a non stick pan and includes 24 sticks. It’s a great gift for moms or anyone who likes to bake.
  • Inflatable Beer Pong Table

    Inflatable Beer Pong Table
    Whether on land or sea, a true party should never be without a beer pong table. For those aquatic themed parties at the pool, lake, or beach, this full size vinyl inflatable beer pong table will allow you to keep the drinking games going in full effect.
  • Rage Face Masks

    All your friends are going to be jelly this upcoming Halloween when you show up with a Rage Face Mask. sells these brilliantly recreated, hand sculpted, latex rage face masks that will be instantly recognized by any of your fellow neckbeard interweb surfers.
  • Switchblade Pocket Comb

    Switch Blade Pocket Comb
    This was the coolest thing ever when I was a kid. Pull out this bad boy and everyone will get tense thinking things are about to get messy, til you hit the switch and a fancy little comb comes out instead of a blade and everyone sighs in relief.
  • Crystal Skull Shot Glass

    Crystal Skull Shot Glass
    Drink from the skull of doom with this Crystal Skull Shot Glass. Able to hold up to 2.5 ounces of your favorite liquor in it’s unique inverted skull shape, you’ll look like such a cool guy as you look straight in the eyes and down your shots.
  • Princess Leia Headphone Covers

    Princess Leia Headphone Covers
    If you want to stay looking trendy on those long space travels, nothing tops these Princess Leia Headphone Covers. Designed to fit right over your own headphones, these Princess Leia style buns also work great in the winter as earmuffs. May the Schwartz be with you.
  • Gameboy iPhone Case

    Gameboy iPhone Case
    This novelty iPhone case is a tribute to the greatest portable gaming device ever… so it’s no coincidence that the Gameboy iPhone case may just be the greatest iPhone case ever. Share the Nintendo love by giving this iPhone case to a fellow gamer.
  • Internet Meme Paintings

    Internet Meme Paintings
    Sweet Jesus, rage face and internet meme paintings? Ah Yeahhhhhhh, this will go great in the bachelor frog pad, but fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu this is going to break the bank! These Internet Meme Paintings are the perfect gift for theReddit gift exchange.
  • Light Up Slippers

    Light Up Slippers
    Walk around in the middle of the night without fear of stepping on random objects on the floor with these light up slippers. These slippers don’t need to be turned on manually, just slip your feet into them and the weight sensor automatically turns the slipper lights on.
  • Health And Mana Potion Earrings

    Health and Mana Potion Earrings
    Looking to attract gamer nerds with reckless abandon? These video game inspired health and mana potion earrings will score huge points with the geeky fellas, so you’ll be able to choose from an endless amount of interested guys who have no idea how to please you.
  • Shotgun 12 Gauge Shot Glasses

    Shotgun 12 Gauge Shot Glasses
    These shotgun shot glasses are probably the only time you want to take a 12 gauge to the face. Makes a great gift for those who love guns, alcohol, and drinking. Also possibly the only fun way mix guns and alcohol and not have things end badly.
  • Futurama Bender Beanie

    Futurama Bender Beanie
    Stay warm and look cool with this Futurama Bender Beanie. Made from acrylic yarn, the Bender beanie is a great gift for anyone who is a fan of Futurama or for anyone who lusts to one day have robot eyes and drinking booze all day with your human co-workers.
  • Cake Pops Maker

    Cake Pops Maker
    Love making cake pops but want to stream line the process of clogging those pesky arteries? Now you can make up to seven cake pops at a time easily thanks to this Cake Pop / Donut Hole maker. This cake pops maker comes with a non-stick coating for easy clean up as well.
  • The Hungover Cookbook

    The Hungover Cookbook
    The best way to cure a hangover is 
    to drink even more alcohol
     eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water. The Hungover Cookbook is a recipe book to bring you back to life in the aftermath of a major binge drinking session.
  • Underwater Scooter

    Underwater Scooter
    With the under water scooter you can now explore miles of ocean without breaking a sweat. Great for scuba diving, snorkeling, and just general ocean fun, the underwater scooter weighs only ten pounds and will provide up to two hours of effortless underwater propulsion.
  • Adjustable Measuring Cup

    Adjustable Measuring Cup Adjust-a-cup
    The adjustable measuring cup is a clever little baking tool to save time and space, allowing you to throw out the endless assortment of various measuring cups and use just one adjustable measuring cup for all your cooking needs.
  • Dual Drink Backpack

    Dual Drink Backpack
    Not since the Kool-Aid Man walked the streets has drink dispensing been so portable. The Dual Drink Backpack allows you to easily carry around refreshments and refill drinks, making you the go to guy for keeping the party alive and kicking.
  • The Math Clock

    The Math Clock
    Do you hate instantly knowing what time it is? Worry not fellow mathletes, the math clock is here to help. This math clock is a great gift for math teachers, math enthusiasts, and other insane people who somehow enjoy doing math even when they it isn’t necessary.
  • Modern Knives Set

    Modern Knife Set
    Combine form and function with this innovative and modern stainless steel knives set. This cleverly designed set of knives looks like a solid piece of steel initially, but in fact each one of the four included knives can be pulled off from the block.
  • Beer Belly Drinking Sack

    Beer Belly Drinking Sack
    With the Beer Belly Drinking Sack you no longer have to live in fear that good genetics and/or young age will prevent you from fitting in at your local dive bar. This portable drinking sack allows you to store your beer around your belly, giving off a very believable beer belly.
  • Bubble Tank Fish Bowl

    Bubble Tank Fish Bowl
    Hang in there little buddy! Designed to let the aquarium be as interesting as the fish inside, each one of these oddly shaped yet fully functional bubble tank fish bowls are hand blown, ensuring each bubble tank is a one of kind aquarium.
  • Easy Clean Water Bottle

    There is no easy way to clean a typical re-usable water bottle – until now – the easy clean water bottle has a detachable lid at both the bottom and top, giving you easy access to clean off the build up of bacteria you normally wouldn’t be able to reach in a water bottle.
  • World’s Largest Gummy Bear

    World's Largest Gummy Bear
    The world’s largest gummy bear is an epic achievement in mankind’s history. The world’s largest gummy bear weighs over 4.5 LBs and has a wide variety of uses outside of it’s own nutritional value. The world’s largest gummy bear also is a great Valentine’s Day gift.
  • Five Fingers Knife Set

    Five Fingers Knife Holder
    If stabbing your ex with knives isn’t violent enough to satisfy your lust of everything knife related, this five finger knife holder will surely do the trick. This five finger knife set includes 5 of the most commonly used knives in stainless steel.
  • Earth Shaped Fire Pit

    Earth Shaped Fire Pit,
    Set the world on fire with these Earth shaped fire pits. Designed for heavy use by using thick hand cut carbon steel that features an iron oxide finish, these unique hand crafted fire pits will provide you with years of aesthetically pleasing yet functional fires.

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