Wednesday, 14 March 2012


kevin to adam: Your friend is kissing your wife in your home.
adam rushed home angrily.
After half an hour, he came back and slapped the kevin.
adam said: You fool, he is not my friend.
Boyfriend: Do you think my salary is sufficient for you?
 Girlfriend: It is sufficient for me, but how will you survive?

Man: Drink quickly... drink quickly... before it gets cold.
Wife: But why...
 Man: They charge Rs. 50 for hot coffee and Rs 100 for cold coffee.
adam: Why have you increased speed of car?
kevin: Break has failed. We should reach home before accident.

A French husband was returning home after cremating his wife.
He sees heavy lightning and thunderstorm in the sky.
Husband thinks: She must have reached there.

Teacher to Student: Kid, your essay on "My  Dog" is exactly the same as  your brother's. Did you copy from him?
Student: No, teacher, it's about the same dog!
adam was weeping at a grave, "Why did you die? Why did you die? Your death ruined my life."
kevin: For whom are you mourning so deeply? A child? A parent? Wife? or Girlfriend ?
adam: My wife’s first husband.

A pizza an apple thrown from the 10th floor
which will reach first
.................................... cause pizza is fast food

adam: Why are u late?
kevin: there was a man  who lost his 100 dollar bill
adam: u were helping him look for it
kevin: no i was standing on it

when parents care we call it restriction
bt when boyfriend/girlfriend restricts ...........
...........omg!  he/she is so caring!!!

universal truth taught to us....
...sun rises from the east...
                 Fact doesn't rise or sets it only rotates....
..Education ruin our sense of humour....

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